Expedition pooling

Fieldwork is expensive and organizing fieldwork is complicated. We compile and analyze information about target areas/systems and organizational capacity of many different research groups. Strong teams (hosts) can save money by accepting 1-2 individuals into their expeditions. Individuals or small groups (guests) can  join the expeditions organized by others. This is also a great opportunity to do networking and add broader impacts to your project. Interested? Fill this short questionnaire, no strings attached.

Feel free to share with others and/or contact us to learn more: field@oikobit.com.

Research permits

Serious teams never overlook local regulations, but these are ambiguous or confusing in many places.  Well-thought and critical sampling campaigns often fail because of failure to comply with complicated local regulations. We leverage our network of local contacts to keep updated roadmaps for fieldwork permits and sample exportation.

Currently serving: Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil.

Expeditions in Bolivia

We partner with Fundación Huellas, a local NGO, to organize unique field expeditions for professional and eco-tourists in Bolivia. We organize travels to rarely visited locations in Madidi National Park, Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, Chiquitania, Kaa Iya and El Pantanal. We can design customized trips for photographic safaris and wildlife watching of endemic species.

November 2023  / April 2024: trips to the inter-Andean valleys of Bolivia, with a focus on habitat and plants. Learn more here.



Privacy Policy

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