A chain is as weak as it weakest link. Projects with full-time personnel and solid budgets often perform sub-optimally. We contribute targeted problem-solving to your projects, so you can focus on its overall design and its science. We serve in a per-product basis, in products equivalent to 50-500 hours of work. We focus on technical needs, from navigating local regulations for research permits, to studying and coordinating logistics for expeditions to remote locations, to writing analyses for your paper when a referee asks for them. We charge costs after completion comparable to technician or postdoc costs, without the hussle. We are all about solving problems and moving forward. If you think we might help, contact us with no strings attached. 


We help organizing fieldwork and travel logistics for scientific and documentary projects, including local permits, insurance and contingency plans, and coordination between groups and individuals for cost-sharing. 


We are problem-solvers with an academic background. We specialize in the design and implementation of custom null models, but we will think out of the box to tackle any problem with any tool at hand.


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